Startrails by Black Leaf – 4 part 42mm grinder

21,50 IVA inclusa 22%




Black Leaf are one of Europe’s most respected and popular glass water pipe manufacturers who always make sure they offer stuff at amazing prices and now they have ventured out into the grinder game. This Startrails grinder is a 4-part design that uses blade shaped cutting teeth to cleanly slice even the dankest and stickiest material. The result is perfectly ground material that comes out the right consistancy every single time without any squashing or crushing of the precious resin sacks on your herbs. Once ground, the herbs can fall through precisely drilled holes into the collection chamber below. The two halves of the grinding section are held together by two incredibly strong rare earth magnets which mean it takes genuine effort to get the two halves apart and pretty much guarantees they won’t come apart unless you want them to. The sifter screen built into the bottom of the collector area allows any loose resin sacks to fall through into the bottom section of the grinder and stay there, nice and safe, until you want to open it up and scrape it all out with the supplied scraper so that you can put it to good use. Unlike normal grinders that have threaded joins between the bottom three parts, this uses a bayonet-style fitting to ensure a perfect lock but mean it only needs a quick quarter turn twist to unlock it and open it up. We absolutely love all the features this reasonably priced grinder offers which are normally only found on much higher priced grinders, it is the definition of a bargain!