HERZ OG semi 5

40,00 IVA inclusa 22%

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60% Indica /
40% Sativa
Larry OG X Kosher Kush
400 – 450 G/M2
Outdoor Harvest
Harvest October
Flowering Time
9 Weeks

Herz OG is finally back!

Only most advanced smokers, herbalists and patients may try this tantalizing, bitter-sweet symphony of Larry OG x Kosher Kush as a result of a cooperation with fellow German rap artist Herzog.

Herz OG has a very deep aroma and flavor with hints of fresh wood, pine and honey.

The effect is really strong. It feels like a kick in the chest dropping you heavily on a cloudy cushion of concret.

Prepare to get high like the first time again.


10 July 2021
massive colors big dense, thick with resin and kush aroma
we very enjoyed growing this strain expect good yields and browns off nicely at the end of flower cycle.
must have jar of this.
10 July 2021
A very squat and density packed plant with some beautiful purple leaves towards the end of flowering. The buds are so dense and have a really sticky appeal that I love when crumbling into a j. A sweet hit with a definite Kush pull to the smoking of it. excellent strain for new growers